Undergraduate Degrees at Hiram

Hiram College offers 33 majors, 37 minors, pre-professional concentrations, and two dual degree options to further your education and passion. 15 of our degree options can also be completed as a three-year accelerated program.

Image: Undergraduate student studying on campus.

Areas of Study

ProgramMajorMinor3-Year DegreeOnline Option
Accounting and Financial Management
Applied Computer Science
Art and Design
Asian Studies
Biomedical Humanities
Classical and Medieval Studies
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Digital Marketing
Education, Teacher Licensure
Educational Studies
Environmental Studies
Esports and Gaming Administration
Film Studies
Gender Studies
Integrative Exercise Science
International Studies
Natural History
Performing Arts
Political Science
Public Health
Public Leadership
Sport Management
Supply Chain Management

Pre-professional concentrations and preparatory programs

Studying at Hiram

Hiram College was founded in 1850 and has been long revered for its ongoing success in fueling innovation and excellence in higher education.

Hiram is nationally respected for offering a distinctive learning environment and a wide range of undergraduate degree programs that place emphasis on student learning and prioritize real-world experience and opportunities. At Hiram, students have the chance to make a difference and pave their own paths.

About the Undergraduate Degrees at Hiram College

When you choose Hiram College, you can select from a variety of undergraduate degrees in northeast Ohio including our Bachelor of Arts degrees as well as our Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Hiram College specializes in the education of undergraduate students, although we also offer highly sought-after graduate degrees as well.

Students who enroll at Hiram College can pursue a liberal arts undergraduate degree that will prepare them for worthwhile careers in thriving fields. We offer in-person classes as well as online courses that cater to students’ individual learning styles.

As a student, you’ll love Hiram College’s scenic campus that sits in the quiet town of Hiram, Ohio. We are conveniently and centrally located between Akron, Youngstown, and Cleveland, Ohio, ensuring you’ll have plenty to do in your spare time. The academic and extracurricular opportunities students can pursue at their home away from home are endless.

Student Life While Earning an Undergraduate Degree in Northeast Ohio

We strive to provide our students with the education and tools they need to reach their personal and professional goals. Our academic faculty work closely and diligently with each of our students to ensure that they are given every opportunity for meaningful and impactful development.

Your search for an undergraduate degree in northeast Ohio that offers a hands-on approach to education, an invigorating campus experience, and challenging and insightful courses ends here. Choosing Hiram College means choosing a path of growth that will lead you to becoming a highly employable, respectable citizen of the world.

Students who pursue their undergraduate degree at Hiram College are able to connect with other students and create memories outside of the classroom through our many student clubs, organizations, extracurriculars.  

Athletics Program

The Hiram Terriers host men’s and women’s sports teams that boast exceptional talent on the field, on the court, and in the classroom. Our teams participate in NCAA Division III and the North Coast Athletic Conference.

Student Clubs and Organizations

If you’re working toward earning your Bachelor of Arts degree or Bachelor of Science degree in nursing at Hiram College, you’ll have plenty of ways to connect with fellow students outside of the classroom. Hiram is proud to have over thirty student-run clubs that focus on a wide range of interests.

Resident Life

Hiram’s residential buildings each supply a unique, home-away-from-home experience for our students. Our residence halls are more than just a place to live; they are a place to learn, socialize, and be involved in the community where you live. Learn more about our student housing options.

Apply for Your Undergraduate Degree in Northeast Ohio at Hiram College Today

Attending classes at Hiram College is an invaluable experience that will help you reach your full potential. We encourage those who are interested in our undergraduate degree programs to reach out to our admissions faculty today.

If you’re ready to apply, you can visit our application page. We look forward to seeing you on campus this semester!