Eclectic Scholars Honors program

At Hiram College, students in the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program are immersed in an experience worth more than just a line on their diploma.

Image: Honors Students at Henry Hall


Students that are involved in the Eclectic Scholars Program are given an opportunity to live in a community of like-minded students, to challenge themselves with enriched curriculum, to network with alums and other experts in their desired fields. Learn more about student grants, fellowships, and scholarships.


As an Eclectic Scholar, you can take your experiences and opportunities for academic enrichment, professional development and interdisciplinary discourse to new heights. Some of the perks include:

  • Henry Hall is the home of the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program. The designated living space brings together a network of peers who respect one another, the concepts of community, and the importance of academic and intellectual life. Additionally, students have access to programs designed specifically for them, as well as spaces that foster collaboration and support from peers. Qualifying students may also receive an annual housing scholarship for being in the program.
  • Priority registration – Students may register early for one course per semester.
  • Free overload – Honors students may, for no additional cost, register for over 18 credit hours one semester per year
  • Peer Mentoring Program – First-year students are paired with upper-level students for additional support.
  • Events and Activities – Students may attend both on and off campus activities including performances, lectures, and meals with visiting scholars.

The enhanced curriculum for Eclectic Scholars include:

  • One introductory course with faculty from across disciplines (1 credit hour)
  • Selection of one honors course per academic year that fits into the student’s academic plan (4 credit hours)
  • One junior-level team-taught, interdisciplinary course (4 credit hours): Urgent Challenges Seminar

*There are no honors academic requirements for students in their final year at Hiram

The Eclectic Scholars Honors Program seeks students who are academically ambitious, open-minded, and involved in extra-curricular and community activities. The following credentials are recommended:

  • 3.5 or higher high school GPA
  • Involvement in enrichment experiences such as creating or holding a leadership position in an academic or social club, participation in independent research or an entrepreneurial endeavor, involvement in environmental or sustainability clubs, or other volunteer work.
  • Desire to explore complex interdisciplinary issues and ideas

Admittance to the program is based on a brief application interview with and Eclectic Scholars Honors Program faculty member. Click the link at the top of th page to schedule your interview.

Hiram is one of only ten percent of colleges and universities to be awarded a Phi Beta Kappa chapter, the oldest and most prestigious academic honor society in the United States. Students who wish to be considered for Phi Beta Kappa must take courses in a broad range of liberal studies, including substantive work in the humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences. The national organization of Phi Beta Kappa requires that all candidates study mathematics and a foreign language to a level commensurate with a liberal education.

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