Emerging Scholars Program

The Emerging Scholars Program is ideal for students who experienced academic challenges in high school or who may not have performed to their full potential.

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The Emerging Scholars Program works with the Admission staff to identify students who have the drive, motivation, work ethic, and belief in themselves to thrive in college and improve their academic trajectory.

Prospective Students

As an Emerging Scholar, you can take your experiences and opportunities for academic enrichment, professional development and interdisciplinary discourse to new heights. Some of the perks include:

The program provides academic, social, and cultural enrichment; courses and activities tailored to enhance academic performance; and sustained support for selected students during their first year of study.

As an Emerging Scholar you will be given the tools and encouragement that will help you maximize on your ability to thrive in the classroom and in broader areas of campus life.

Benefits of the Emerging Scholars Program

As you adjust to the pace of college life, ESP will work with you to help you stay on track. Some of the added benefits of participating in the program include:

  • Regular Access to the Program Director – In the summer prior to your arrival to campus, you will get to know the Program Director. Then, once the semester begins the two of you will have a biweekly check-in meeting to develop your individual success plan and address any needs or concerns that you may have. The Director will also serve as your academic advisor during your first year.
  • Priority Registration – Scholars are permitted to register early for one course spring semester.
  • Cohort Based courses – Each semester a variety of courses will be available to Emerging Scholars only.
  • Apps and Resources for your iPad – You will receive a series of free apps and resources that will help with stress and time management, study skills, and general academic organization. We also offer a series of related resource workshops throughout the year that will enhance your overall academic performance.
  • Student Athlete Scholars (SAS) – Being a student athlete is simultaneously exciting and demanding. Athlete Scholars will receive personalized support with an emphasis on time management, motivation, and balancing the responsibilities of their sport and their classes.
  • Access to a Community of Other Motivated New Students – You will have sense of belonging and a firm foundation on which to establish your college career.
  • First Days Activities for Emerging Scholars – After moving in, you will have the opportunity to meet the other scholars, staff, and participate in activities to become acclimated to campus life before Fall classes start.

Students in the Emerging Scholars Program will enroll in a course load that is on par with students not participating in the program. As your academic advisor, the Director will work closely with you to select courses based on your individual interests and personalized academic fit. You should expect to take a course load of 15 credit hours per semester. These include a mixture of classes offered to all students and courses only offered to the Emerging Scholars cohort. This allows students immediate access to a caring, supportive community of peers, faculty, and staff. These relations Topics for Emerging Scholars only classes vary each semester and may include: Exploring Majors and Careers, Conspiracy Theories, Money Financial Survival, and Exploring Neurodiversity, So You Have an iPad, not What? or the Last Lecture Series. All the courses are credit bearing and count towards graduating in four years.

The first-year schedule for an Emerging Scholar is below:

Fall Courses

  • First-Year Enduring Questions (4 credit hours)
  • WRIT 104 Basic Exposition 1 (2 credit hours)
  • STDV 195 Effective/Reflective Learning (2 credit hours)- Taught by Program Director and available for Emerging Scholars only. This course assists students both to be more engaged and effective learners even as they work to understand how their college education integrates with other aspects of their life.
  • Core Required or Major Required Class- Scholars select 1 class that is required towards their intended major or common core class.
  • Core Required or Major Required Class during 3-Week- Scholars will take one class in the 3-week that counts as a core requirement or major requirement.

Spring Semester

  • FYUR 10201 First Semester Urgent Questions (4 credit hours)
  • WRIT 105 Basic Exposition II (2 credit hours)
  • Core Requirement or Major Required Class- Scholars select one or two classes that are required towards their intended major or common core class.
  • Core Requirement or Major Required Class during 3-Week- Scholars will take one class in the 3-week that counts as a core requirement or major requirement.

Each academic year a cohort of students are recommended to the program by their Admission Counselor. The Office Admission works closely with the Director of Emerging Scholars to ensure that students who are a great fit for the program are selected.

Once recommended, students will be contacted by the Director of Emerging Scholars to discuss the program and answer any questions. Any student interested in participating in the program must complete a short application so that we can get to know you better. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Admission to Hiram College does not guarantee admission to the Emerging Scholars Program.

We are especially interested in students who would like to develop their proficiency in college level writing, time management, and critical thinking. Students who do not receive a direct recommendation should contact the Director of Emerging Scholars to apply.

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