Dual Degree Programs

Hiram College offers dual degree programs that offer students the ability to earn two degrees at once, using a 3+2 model with our partner universities.

Image: Undergraduate student studying on campus.

The dual degree engineering program (also called a binary engineering program or 3+2 program) gives students the advantages of a liberal arts education: focus on written and oral communication skills, exposure to a broad range of topics, ways of thinking that employers value, and close, personal attention from faculty.

The social work program at Hiram is a 3+2-year program that partners with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland to allow you to get your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years instead of six. The program prepares you not only for social work testing requirements, but also for a range of careers.

The IES pathway enables students to gain their Bachelor of Arts degree in integrative exercise science while creating a pathway to the Master of Athletic Training Degree at Youngstown State University. Students can complete both degrees in a total of five years (3+2).