Undergraduate studies

Want to make a difference and change the world for the better? Hiram lets you shatter societal norms and create your own path. At Hiram, the journey is yours.

Image: Undergraduate student studying on campus.

undergraduate experience

From your first days at Hiram until commencement, you’ll have unique ways to grow your academic career.

Sometimes called the 12–3 plan, Hiram’s academic semester is organized by the Hiram Plan.

Our urgent questions first year program is all about finding your footing in college.

Hiram College’s 3-year accelerated degree program allows you to get in, get focused, and get on to the next exciting phase of your life.

Honors & Scholars

Hiram College has 2 programs for students wishing to grow further into their academic fields and follow a variety of passions for academic enrichment.

At Hiram College, students in the Eclectic Scholars Honors Program are immersed in an experience worth more than just a line on their diploma.

The Emerging Scholars Program is ideal for students who experienced academic challenges in high school or who may not have performed to their full potential.


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