Social and Emotional Support

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Be Yourself

College students are so much more than a grade or a score. Because of our frequent contact and close connection to students, we get to know the needs of students and look out for their social and emotional wellbeing.


To do well in college and beyond, college students and those who are neurodivergent, have to understand their own skills and needs. Through support and coaching, our team helps students develop the confidence to advocate for their own needs, speak up for themselves and pursue their goals.

Social & Volunteer Experience

College is all about making new friends, exploring new interests, and challenging oneself in unique ways. Participation in clubs, sports and activities on campus are great ways to become involved. Thrive also sponsors several groups and events to help our students connect with one another and the larger Hiram College community.

Liaison and Direct Connection to Student Support Services

The college experience often has its own unique challenges. At the Thrive Learning Center we recognize that the whole college experience is important for success. We provide direct connections to student support services, such as residence life, counseling, and student engagement. Our staff are an active part of the Hiram CARE team, a multidisciplinary group of staff members who meet regularly to identify, monitor and, if necessary, provide support for students in an integrated fashion.

Experiential Learning

At Hiram College we value learning that combines inside and outside of classroom experiences. At Thrive we realize that many of these experiences along with learning differences, present barriers to participation. The Thrive Learning Center has developed opportunities for experiential learning through our innovative program Thrive Outside. These unique outdoor adventure-based learning experiences provide opportunities for students to approach and overcome challenges, trust in their ability to be successful, and enjoy the process of experiencing the outdoors so that they can apply these lessons to other future life situations.

Thrive Professional Staff
Disability/Accommodation Officer

Providing individualized accommodation intake meetings utilizing an interactive approach and meeting ADA and Section 504 requirements

Degreed Content Specific Tutors Instructional Advisors

Tutoring and professional support by degreed professionals

Thrive Progress Advisors

Conducting regular Progress Meetings with students and providing coaching for self-advocacy

Career Development Liaison

Preparing students to successfully transition into a career through direct services and coordination with outside agencies

Contact Us

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about our services or approach. Better yet, ask about shadowing a Thrive student. Contact the Thrive Center Director at