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Always Above & Beyond

Choosing a college is a major decision for any student, but it’s all the more important when you have a neurodivergent condition, learning disability or other kind of learning difference. Thrive exceeds most major programs in providing the most comprehensive support that’s highly tailored to the needs of a neurodivergent student population.

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The Thrive Advantage
Individualized Approach helping all students in the Thrive Community to succeed.
Professional Content Based Tutor provide specialized 1:1 tutoring services.
Dedicated Private Tutoring Space for Thrive students to socialize, study and meet with tutors.
Weekly Check-ups to encourage student success and ensure the well-being of each student.
Career Development Support gets students prepared for a successful post-grad life.
Structured Social and Volunteer Activities to connect with peers and gain new experiences.
Success Rates including persistence, academic honors and graduation rates are positively impacted by Thrive’s supports and resources.
Semester Cost: $2,800

Current Offerings

  • Individualized approach
  • 100% Professional Tutors, All Subjects
  • Unlimited tutoring
  • Dedicated Career Preparation/Planning Support
  • Coordination and Liaison with Student support services
  • Structured Social Activities/Events
  • Dedicated Private Tutoring Space
  • Easy Application Process

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Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about our services or approach. Better yet, ask about shadowing a Thrive student. Contact the Thrive Center Director at