Hiram College

The Coherent Core

At liberal arts colleges, only half or so of the courses you take are required for your major. The other half are part of your electives and your “core curriculum.” At Hiram, faculty want to ensure that the core curriculum is as relevant, exciting, and useful to you as are courses in the major. To that end, Hiram faculty have designed a “coherent core” where classes are threaded together by a focus on the urgent challenges and opportunities of our time. Therefore, as you choose your own core course, you will be asked to think about and respond to issues like these:

  • Global Warming
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The 21st-Century Market Economy
  • Food, Water, and Healthcare

At Hiram, the “core” is not a just a set of theory courses. It is cluster of courses that prepares you to think about and do something about real-life issues.