Hiram College

Developing a More Contemporary, Relevant, and Useful Skill Set and Mindset

Hiram College’s New Liberal Arts is designed to not only prepare students to be well-read and well-rounded, but also to become intellectually agile and socially responsible thinkers and doers. Our curriculum helps students grow over time, ultimately demonstrating a contemporary skill set and mindset that prepares them for a successful and ever-changing career path. They include:

  • Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills
  • Written, Oral, and Digital Communication Skills
  • Computational Skills
  • Intercultural and Diversity Skills
  • Mindful Technology
  • System/Design Thinking
  • Teamwork and Team Building Skills

The New Liberal Arts also structures opportunities for students to practice being constructive doers. These opportunities link thinking, doing, and reflection, so that students can:

  • Analyze a problem or situation through various academic lenses to ensure an interdisciplinary examination
  • Present and test their proposed remedies or ideas with external audiences
  • Refine final recommendations based on feedback they receive
  • Capture the experience itself and the related analysis, problem-solving, testing, and refining via a multimedia reflective presentation