Hiram College

What’s a HIP?

In college, a HIP refers to a “high impact program” such as an internship, study abroad, or major research project. At Hiram, we don’t leave HIPs to chance because they are an essential part of any rigorous college journey. Employers, graduate schools, and service organizations all agree: college students who complete an internship, travel abroad, or present an original research project are more prepared for the world of work, graduate school, or service. Hiram faculty want to ensure that Hiram students are in that highly prepared group. Therefore, faculty do not merely “encourage” students to participate in a high impact activities, but they also advise and mentor them to choose and complete at least one HIP as a part of the graduation requirements that we call “Hiram Connect.”

As the name suggests, Hiram Connect links classroom learning with out-of-classroom learning as students undertake a major experiential learning activity. As part of the experience, students are expected to revisit the Five Cs introduced during the FYE and put those Five Cs into deliberate thought and action. Students use their mobile journals and e-portfolios to capture reflections and record some of the concrete steps they have taken in answering the Five Cs’ questions.

  • Hiram Connect

    At Hiram, learning is not limited to the classroom. It happens in one-on-one conversations, through athletics, in club meetings and through work in the field. Hiram Connect will prompt you to step back and reflect upon how these learning experiences relate back to your coursework and what you are discovering about your unique purpose and calling.