Hiram College

Academic Resources

Hiram has a long and proud history of making a liberal arts degree accessible and attainable to all types of students. Whether you are an aspiring medical student working to earn As in all your science courses, an arts student who is curious enough to take a few upper-level math courses, a science major who could use a little help drafting labs reports and writing across the curriculum, or…your name it, we have the resources to help you achieve your personal goals and become the best student you can be.

Academic Development

Academic Development supports the College’s commitment to intellectual excellence and social responsibility. Services include tutoring, academic coaching, and skills development assistance for time management, studying, note-taking, organization, writing assistance, and more.

Career Development

The Office of Career Development is committed to assisting the diverse population of Hiram students and alumni become more effective and prepared professionals.

Eclectic Scholars Honors Program

Students in this program gain tremendous opportunities for leadership, learning and professional development, through a series of seminar-style courses with fellow Eclectic Scholars. The courses are based around self-exploration, problem solving, and discussions and projects that span disciplines. Eclectic Scholars spend time inside and outside of class tackling complex issues and form a strong cohort, while gaining an understanding about how their skills and talents within their individual disciplines can cross boundaries.

Emerging Scholars Program

Hiram’s Emerging Scholars Program gives promising students the boost they need to succeed in college.

First Year Experience

The common first-year experience ensures that all new students take select courses that includes a freshman seminar, a humanities course, and a social science course. In these courses, students explore the “Five Cs” – Character, Career, Curriculum, Community, and Calling.