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The Writing Center:

Distance Tutoring

Need help with your FYUR essay, lab reports, creative writing, or any written work as we enter the final weeks of the 12-week term? As always, trained writing assistants are ready to help you with papers at any stage in the writing process. 

While we have no face-to-face hours in the Writing Center for the remainder of the academic year, you can still schedule an appointment. Students who wish to work with a Writing Assistant should send a tutoring request to WritingCenter@hiram.edu. The request should include, if possible:

  • A copy of the document the student wishes to work on (preferably in Word format: .doc or .docx)
  • A copy of prompt (the assignment the professor gave to students in the class).

Writing Assistants should respond in approximately 24 hours (longer on weekends) in order to set up either e-mail tutoring or tutoring via Zoom or FaceTime (to be arranged between Writing Assistant and student). 

For more information, contact Jeffrey Swenson at SwensonJC@hiram.edu

The ARCH Tutoring Program:

Location & Time: Currently unavailable for face-to-face meetings. Please see the notice from Adam Santavy in your email.

CAS/CCP Tutoring:

If you are unable to attend regular tutoring hours, Center for Adult Studies (CAS) and College Credit Plus (CCP) students who need help with their essays should contact these tutors via e-mail. The CAS/CCP tutors for this semester are:


For more information contact:

Jeffrey Swenson, Associate Professor of English

“I had heard that Hiram was a big writing school, but never thought much about what that would mean. Now, I understand that the writing here is truly all-encompassing. There is no escaping it. I did not intend on avoiding it, but did not plan on honing it as my craft. Now, I ask myself what I am writing, why I am writing, and how it can be better said. In short, I care.”
– A first year student reviewing her paper

Jeff Swenson Headshot

Jeff Swenson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Director of Writing Across the Curriculum