Hiram College

As a part of the ARCH Tutoring Program:

  • Monday through Thursday, 8-10 pm
  • Hinsdale Hall, Hinsdale 216
  • Tutoring in the ARCH begins Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 8pm.

In The Writing Center:

  • The Writing Center is open afternoons and evenings, Sunday through Thursday.
  • Located in the Stephen and Jacquelyn Love Writing House, on Hinsdale Street next to Bonney Castle.
  • Drop-in and appointment tutoring in the Writing Center begins Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 at 4pm.

View schedule for hours and tutors

PGS/WEC/CCP Tutoring:

If you are unable to attend regular tutoring hours, WEC, CCP and PGS students who need help with their essays should contact these tutors via e-mail.The PGS/Weekend College/CCP tutors for this semester are:

Writing Assistants are trained and experienced peer writing tutors available in the Writing Center and the ARCH to help you with papers at any stage in the writing process. We have tutors from a variety of majors, so don’t be afraid to ask for help with papers from any discipline.

Sign up for half- or full-hour appointments on the weekly sheets posted on the corkboard by the door of the Writing Center or on the clipboard outside of Hinsdale 106 if you want to make an appointment in the ARCH. Please bring a copy of your essay and a copy of your assignment sheet to your tutoring session.

We look forward to seeing you in the Writing Center.

For more information contact:

Jeanna Dutton, Assistant Professor of English/Director of Developmental Writing
or stop by my office, Bonney Castle #6

“I had heard that Hiram was a big writing school, but never thought much about what that would mean. Now, I understand that the writing here is truly all-encompassing. There is no escaping it. I did not intend on avoiding it, but did not plan on honing it as my craft. Now, I ask myself what I am writing, why I am writing, and how it can be better said. In short, I care.”
– A first year student reviewing her paper

Jeanne Dutton Headshot

Jeanne Dutton, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor of English/Director of Developmental Writing