Hiram College

Instructions – Online form submission

Download the appropriate form from the website to your iPad. 

Upload form to Notability or similar functionality.  Complete form, sign, date and save.  Send form as a PDF to registrar@hiram.edu.

If signatures are required (advisor or instructor, etc.) email the completed form as a PDF to the individual, requesting permission for this update and that they sign the form and then forward it to registrar@hiram.edu.

* Please note, you must complete the entire form including your printed name, Banner ID, etc.  We will return any forms not fully filled out, since we cannot process until complete.

 All forms should be sent from your @hiram.edu.  That is how we are verifying your identity.

 * Please note, for registration forms, you must complete the entire form including your printed name, Banner ID, the CRN of the courses, subject, course number, section number, etc. If there is a lab, you must include it as well.   You can find that information on the Class Search on My.Hiram.edu

Frequently Requested Forms

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Course Description Form (Independent Study, Internship, Field Experience, etc.) *NEW

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Leave Application

Leave Renewal Form

Leave Return Form

Pass/No Credit Request Form

Major/Advisor Declaration

Minor/Advisor Declaration


Change of Address

Change of Name

Transient Student Form

Enrollment Verification Request

FERPA Waiver form

FERPA Block form

FERPA Waiver for Recommendations form

Graduation Application