Hiram College

Graduation Requirements

Student Worksheet for General Education Requirements is available for students and advisors to track progress towards graduation.

Hiram College students are candidates for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, which requires completion of 120 or more semester hours, or a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing (BSN) degree, which requires 133 or more semester hours.  Graduate students who are candidates for a Master of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies are required to complete 30 semester hours.

Both the BA and the BSN degrees require a cumulative grade-point average of at least 2.00. In addition, students must attain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.00 in their major field of study and minor field (where applicable). Each department calculates departmental GPA differently; please check with the Department Chair for the individual program requirements. The degree is awarded upon successful completion of all coursework and fulfillment of all requirements.

We consider each student to be responsible for fulfilling the current graduation requirements. Faculty advisors and the Registrar’s Office can provide assistance in explaining the graduation requirements.

In addition to meeting the above Degree Completion Requirements, all traditional undergraduate Hiram College students must complete a major (a minor is not required) and fulfill the following General Education Requirements:

  • First-Year Colloquium
  • First-Year Seminar
  • Hiram Connect (Effective Fall 2015 for all new students)
  • Core Curriculum Requirements
    • Creative Methods (CM)
    • Interpretive Methods (IM)
    • Modeling Methods (MM)
    • Experimental Scientific Methods (SM)
    • Social and Cultural Analysis Methods (CA)
    • Experiencing the World (EW)
    • Understanding Diversity in the United States (UD)
    • Meaning, Ethics, and Social Responsibility (ES)
  • The Interdisciplinary Requirement
  • Independent Capstone Experience
  • Fulfill the Foreign Language Requirement, completion through 102. (Effective Fall 2012 for all new students)

For more detail on each requirement, please see The Hiram College Catalog.

Additional information on majors can be views at Majors/Minors/Advisors page.

Graduation Process
Each senior student must apply to be graduated and meet for a graduation audit by the following deadlines:

For August graduation August 1
 For December graduation November 15
 For May graduation February 1

A graduation audit is a half hour meeting in the Registrar’s office (for Traditional Students) and with a PGS counselor (for Weekend College, Online, Partnership, and MAIS students). The student must make an appointment, bring a completed application to graduate, and go over progress toward completion of requirements. The application includes the student’s intended term of completion, name as it is to appear on the diploma, and a mailing address for the diploma and final transcript. Once an audit meeting has taken place, the student must notify the Assistant Registrar or the PGS counselor if there are any changes in the audit or application information.

There is a $150 graduation fee that will be added to the student bill for spring term, issued in December, for those whose expected graduation date is in the spring. For those who are identified as August graduates or December graduates, the fee will be added to the student bill earlier, at the beginning of or during the graduation term. This fee covers overall graduation processing, the cap and gown, and commencement activities; there is no reduction in fee for those who do not attend commencement. As with any other college charges, the final diploma and transcript will not be released if a balance remains.

Diploma covers are presented to each participant at commencement, but diplomas are issued in the weeks following the graduation date, along with one final transcript. Please note that the diploma specifies the name of a student’s degree, e.g. Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, or Master of Arts, as well as Latin honors; it DOES NOT list majors and minors. An official student transcript is the proof of college achievement, and includes all majors, minors, and honors.

Students who complete their degree requirements for August and December graduation will receive their diplomas following those end of term dates. Since Hiram College has one commencement ceremony each year, the previous August and December graduates are eligible to participate in the following May ceremony. Students who have 12 credit hours or fewer to complete may request to participate early, so that they may walk in the May commencement ceremony prior to an August or December completion. Early participation requests may be initiated with the Associate Registrar (traditional students) or the counselor (PGS students), and must be submitted to the Dean of the College for approval no later than March 31. A student may be included in only one commencement per degree.