Hiram College

Resident Educational Animals:

Many of our animals are on display in our visitor’s center while others are part of our ambassador animal program, used to train rehabilitation animals, or for JHBBFS conservation programs.


  • Allegheny Crayfish
  • Madagascar Hissing Cockroach


  • Brown Bullhead
  • Koi
  • Nile Tilapia
  • Vermiculated Sailfin Catfish


  • American Bullfrog
  • American Toad
  • Gray Treefrog
  • Northern Green Frog
  • Pickerel Frog


  • California Corn Snake
  • Common Musk Turtle
  • Common Snapping Turtle
  • Eastern Box Turtle
  • Eastern Spiny Softshell
  • Gray (Black) Rat Snake 
  • Midland Painted Turtle
  • Northern Map Turtle
  • Red-eared Slider


  • Domestic Pigeon
  • European Starling
  • Trumpeter Swan 
  • White-winged Wood Duck

Conservation and Captive-breeding Programs:

Trumpeter Swan Program

A male and female pair of Trumpeter Swans are permanent residents on our Observation Pond. The hope is that they will produce cygnets that can be released into the wild to join larger populations. As of 2013, their status in the state of Ohio was changed from state endangered to state threatened.

White-winged Wood Duck Program

Several White-winged Wood Ducks are housed and cared for in our Endangered Waterfowl Conservation facility through a partnership with the Akron Zoo. These ducks are native to northeast India and Bangladesh extending through South East Asia to Sumatra. They are considered endangered by the IUCN and populations have declined due to habitat loss, hunting of eggs and adults for food, and capture for the pet trade. To learn more about our collaboration with the Akron Zoo, visit:  https://www.akronzoo.org/zoo-conservation-research