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Teaching English Overseas without a License

We rely on renown international centers for advice about programs abroad.

  • University of Michigan International Center to identify the major programs;  excellent comparison of different types of programs/pros and cons
  • International Opportunities Center for International Education – University of California – Irvine
  • Traditionally, these programs were in Asia but the options have expanded in recent years.  What about Dubai?  See Taaleem for teaching jobs in Abu Dhabi and Dubai!
  • A great book that reviews all the programs and provides info on ESL training for them is Teaching English Abroad by Susan Griffith, available in the Career Center library or at bookstores.

Contact the Career Center for names of Hiram alums teaching overseas if you would like to network for more information.

Interested in a license for “Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages” (TESOL)?

There are many opportunities to teach English to non-native speakers in the U.S. both in public and private schools and universities. See the Directory of Professional Preparation Programs in the Career Center Library and the TESOL website.

Teaching Abroad with a Teaching License

Most independent overseas schools look for certified candidates with experience. New teachers are rarely hired for these positions. But there are ways to get your foot in the door and have an overseas experience.
Excellent advice about teaching overseas is available from the University of Northern Iowa including information on their annual career fair for overseas independent schools.  See the UNI Overseas Recruiting Fair.

“The Directory of Overseas Schools”, available in the Career Center, lists independent overseas schools with program descriptions.

Many certified teachers also teach overseas on U.S. military bases run by the Department of Defense.

There are also several agencies that place teachers overseas. Among them are:

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