Hiram College

Employers and grad schools often want candidates with experience. You need experience to learn about work and to earn money!  So where do you get experience?  From campus involvement, volunteer work, service learning … but also from summer jobs and internships.

“My internship was fantastic. You can learn a great deal in the classroom, but applying your education in the field is not only challenging but also a reminder of what you are ultimately working for in your college experience. This internship solidified the idea that I am in the right field and I couldn’t be more excited.” –Joe Richisson ’14

So what’s the difference between these two options?

During an internship, you will apply your liberal arts skills to get experience related to your career interests or to explore career options. If you register for academic credit, a faculty member will also work with you to reflect on your experience. Internships may be paid or unpaid, and you can earn credit for either one.  See your advisor for departmental requirements.

Sometimes summer jobs will be a step towards an internship OR it reminds you of why you are in college!  Try for more responsibility in your summer job each year.  Get supervisory, customer service, organizational or financial skills during your summer job.


Internships by Career Area