Hiram College

With the support of the NetVUE Grant, Hiram College is able to support student’s experiential learning through internship funding. These funds are intended to enable students to participate in an internship that has low funds (below minimum wage) or is not funded by an external source. Each year, five stipends of $1,000 will be available for the academic year and/or summer.

The NetVUE Grant Internship Fund will advance students’ capacity to foster vocational reflection on career and calling, two of Hiram Connect’s 5 C’s.

Funding may be used to compensate for contributions and labor that would otherwise be unpaid.

To apply, students should submit the following information electronically to the Office of Career and Academic Development at careercenter@hiram.edu. Final decisions will be made by the NetVUE Committee.

  • Hiram Connect Internship Learning Agreement
  • A spreadsheet calculating dollars per hour ($1,000 divided by total number of hours)
  • An acceptance letter for the internship from the potential employer
  • A letter of support from the students’ faculty advisor for the project

Award recipients are required to submit the following materials after the experience is completed:

  • Completed Hiram Connect personal reflection assignment
  • Up to date resume that includes the internship or research
  • Completed “Reflection and Planning: Next Steps” essay

Award recipients are also required to meet with a Career and Calling Coach at the start of the internship funding and again at the end of the internship.

Following the internship, the award recipient’s supervisor/employer will be asked to complete an evaluation of the student’s performance.

Reflection and Planning: Next Steps

What are your next steps?

  • What career and calling questions were raised during the internship? How will you identify answers to those questions?
  • Have you identified skills that you would like to develop because of the internship? How will you continue to develop those skills?
  • Were you able to identify a position that that you thought might ‘fit’ your future? What steps will you take to obtain that position?
  • Because of this experiential learning experience, how have your career goals changed or evolved?
  • Based on your internship or research experience, is there now a course that you are interested in taking at Hiram College? How will the experience effect your curriculum overall?