Hiram College

Post a Job or Internship

We are currently transitioning from our old career services platform to Handshake. We will start our transition to Handshake in June of 2021. Until then, please share any job posting with the Career Center via email, careercenter@hiram.edu, and we will make sure it gets out to our students. 

On-Campus Recruiting

Interested in coming to Hiram College to recruit our students? The Office of Career and Academic Development can assist you with virtual interviews, information tables, and much more. Contact us today at careercenter@hiram.edu to set up your virtual recruiting. We will not be providing on-campus recruiting services for Spring or Summer 2021 but will reassess on-campus recruiting at a later date.

Career Fairs

Hiram College will not be hosting our in-person annual Career Fair in Spring of 2021. However, you can still connect with Hiram students! Please email any job or internship opportunity, whether a website link / flyer / email, to careercenter@hiram.edu, and we will make sure to get your position information out to our students. 

Visit Hiram College

Interested in visiting Hiram College and learning what our students have to offer? We provide tours of our facilities to all employers who are interested. Please contact us for more information!