Hiram College

Post a Job or Internship

Thank you for thinking of Hiram College during your employment search! Using Hiram CareerNet, you are able to post jobs and/or internships for Hiram College students. Once your position has been posted to Hiram CareerNet, students will have access to it and also will receive weekly emails with featured internships. Please note that due to Hiram College’s privacy policy, we are unable to provide employers with updates regarding student applications.

Job Search or Graduate School Assistance

Thinking of making a career change or going back to school for a graduate degree? The Office of Career Development can help; we offer assistance to our alumni for both. Reach out to us today to set up a phone, video, or in-person meeting. Create a Hiram CareerNet account to begin searching for full-time positions that are posted specifically for Hiram students and alumni.

More Resources for Alumni

Click here for more alumni resources.