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Career Development‘s Mission

The Office of Career Development is committed to assisting the diverse population of Hiram students and alumni become more effective and prepared professionals.

2019 First Destination Information

The Class of 2019 First Destination Report includes data collected prior to graduation in May 2019, online survey data sent in August 2019 and October 2019, and through reporting through LinkedIn and other social media. It is presented by 84.8% of respondents.


Donut chart showing 94% filled in

94% of the Class of 2019 was employed or continuing education 6 months after graduation.

Of Those With a Positive Career Outcome

Donut chart showing 79% filled in


Donut chart showing 7% filled in

Employed in Other (service year, post graduate internship, military)

Donut chart showing 15% filled in

Continuing Education

Donut chart showing 92% filled in

Employed in Field of Choice

Donut chart showing 95% filled in

Employed Full-time


Of Those Enrolled in Graduate or Professional School


Donut chart showing 56% filled in


Donut chart showing 12% filled in

Medical School

Donut chart showing 4% filled in

Veterinary School

Donut chart showing 4% filled in

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Donut chart showing 8% filled in

Juris Doctor

Donut chart showing 16% filled in

Did Not Disclose


Click Here to Download the Full First Destination Report for 2019