Hiram College

The Advising Program at Hiram

The Academic Advising Office is here to support your development and success during your career at Hiram.

Attending Advising

Typically, advising sessions for all students begin around the eighth week of each semester. Students and their advisors will get into contact with each other to go over plans for the upcoming semester. This often includes discussing and choosing which classes a student will be registering for and going over what requirements a student has yet to complete regarding their course of study.

While some students may wish or need to meet with their advisor more frequently than others, it is important that all students are in contact with their advisors, especially as advising for fall or spring rolls around.

Meeting With Your Advisor

Be Prepared:

  • Bring something you can take notes with. Often there will be things you’ll want to make sure you remember, so it’s important to be able to make note of those things. This makes it easier to reflect on what next steps you and your advisor have discussed, and to remember important tasks you may need to complete.
  • Prepare your questions beforehand. If you are making an appointment with your advisor for a specific reason, it can be helpful to write down what all you’d like to discuss before attending. This way you can help yourself to stay focused during the meeting and help make sure you don’t forget to ask something important.
  • Make sure to arrive on time. If you’ve never visited your advisor in their office before, it might be beneficial to leave for your meeting early as to guarantee you’ll be able to find the office and arrive on time. It’s often better to arrive five minutes early, so that you can take a few minutes to review and prepare for the meeting.