Hiram College

The Advising Program at Hiram

The Academic Advising Office is here to support your development and success during your career at Hiram.

Faculty Advisor

Faculty advisors are the first advisor a student will have when beginning their Hiram journey. Faculty advisors are assigned to incoming traditional students once they have been placed into a UCS 10101 or UCS 20101 course. As these advisors are the professors for the introductory classes that all incoming students attend, these faculty advisors are easily accessible. These advisors help students get their footing in a college setting and help determine the path the student wishes to follow. This advisor will work with the student until the student declares a major.

Major Advisor

Once a student has declared a major, they will move to having an advisor in the program of study they have decided on. The major advisor’s role is help students plan their course of study, while also helping them think about Hiram Connect experiences such as internships, independent research, or study away. They will also lend a hand in helping a student prepare for their senior capstone experience.

Should a student decide to pick up a second major or a minor, they will be assigned a second advisor from the additional major/minor’s program.

Academic Advisor

Staff members from the Academic Advising Office also work to support all Hiram students, regardless of whether they’re a first-year student or already in an established program. Available to answer questions, or give last minute or specialized help, the academic advisors are available in their offices in Hinsdale 205 or over email. These academic advisors are also available to provide more specialized support—such as support for transfer students, first year nursing students, or students who are looking to change majors. Some students may be assigned a member of the advising office as a secondary advisor to ensure that the student is provided with the support they need.