Hiram College

The Academic Advising Office

The goal of advising at Hiram College is to support the whole student, fostering their academic, personal, and professional development over their career at Hiram. The Academic Advising Office supports Hiram College’s advising system and provides convenient drop-in or online advising support for all students.

  • Advising Office

    The Academic Advising Office acts as primary advisors for all online, partnership, graduate, and special students. Additionally, we provide support for all students throughout their time at Hiram.

  • Faculty Advisor

    Professors from the Enduring Questions Seminar (FYEN) or Addressing Urgent Challenges course work as a student’s first Faculty Advisor, engaging with students regularly in their first semester at Hiram, and continuing to support them until they declare a major.

  • Major Advisor

    Faculty from a major establish lasting relationships with their advisees, working with students from declaration of major through graduation and guiding them not only through course selection and their major, but also giving guidance on future career and academic plans.

Advising FAQ