Hiram College


The Faculty

Paul Gaffney, Professor of English

Sarah Mabey, Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Environmental Studies

The Course(s)

ENGL/ENVT 28000: Britain: Land and Culture Prequel (1 credit hour during Spring 12-week session, 2022)

INTD 28000:  Britain: Land and Culture (3 credit hours during Spring 3-week session, 2022) 

Cultural Immersion

This 21-day program will be an excellent experience for any Hiram student, though particularly those interested in environmental studies, cultural studies, biology, and history. Landscapes bear the marks of natural and cultural forces and, in turn, emerge to shape human experience, innovation, and creativity. Land and culture are inextricably linked through a process of mutual influence forming the contours of what is and what is possible. This course examines the relationships between human culture and natural systems that are manifest in the form of our landscapes, in the organization of ecological and human communities, and in our imaginations. We will take a place-based approach to examining the interdependence of natural and cultural history. Through first-hand observation and experience, we will acquire the ability to identify and describe the interplay of biogeophysical and anthropogenic elements of the specific landscapes. Through engagement with creative and scholarly works, we will explore, critique, and formulate ideas about the dynamic connection between nature and culture.

This offering of Land and Culture will take place in England and Scotland, focusing on historical and contemporary English and Scottish culture and natural history as exemplified in formal gardens and living collections (botanic gardens, zoological parks), nature preserves and national parks, historic and ancient ruins, the traditional English countryside, and the Scottish wilderness.

The Itinerary

London: We will begin and end in the historic metropolis of London, tracing the layers of intensive human activity across the centuries.

Central England: We will walk through ancient landscapes, fields, and villages as we visit prehistoric stone circles, medieval castles, and eighteenth-century manor house gardens.

Manchester and the Peak District: Revitalized “Rust Belt” Manchester and it’s beautiful neighboring hills will provide us with a perfect setting to investigate industrialization and responses to it.

Scotland: As we venture further and further north we will see areas that conform more closely to our ideas of wilderness, including remote parts of the Scottish Highlands.

Trip Prerequisites/Requirements

All students on the trip must enroll in “Britain: Land and Culture Prequel,” a one-credit-hour introduction course, during the Spring 2022 12-Week session.  Students are responsible for obtaining a passport, passport fees, and personal expenses.

Program Details

  • Estimated Costs:  $4,300 above tuition, room and board.  Costs include round trip airfare, housing, meals, entrance fees and tips.  Personal expenses, passport fees, and independent travel are not included.
  • Application Deadline: October 8, 2021; A $75 non-refundable fee is due upon receipt of your application.  This fee is used to pay for processing costs, an International Student Identity Card, passport holder, and luggage tags.
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