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The Faculty

Kirsten Parkinson, John S. Kenyon Professor of English, Director Lindsay-Crane Center for Writing and Literature, and Gender Studies Minor Program Coordinator

Erin Lamb, Associate Professor and Chair of Biomedical Humanities, and Director, Center for Literature and Medicine

The Courses

Tradition and Modernity—Orientation (BIMD/ENGL, one credit hour, 12-week)
Tradition and Modernity (INTD, 3 credit hours, 3-week)

Cultural Immersion

Japan blends the ancient and cutting edge.  During this trip, students will visit both modern and historical sites and experience the history, literature, and culture of Japan.  Students will discover wooden Shinto shrines  rubbing shoulders with towering glass skyscrapers and experience traditional Japanese rituals such as the tea ceremony and haiku reading.  At the same time, students will explore how Japan quickly modernized in the 19th and 20th centuries to become a global leader in science and technology, focusing in particular on Japan’s innovations in care for its rapidly aging population.  This intriguing mixture of tradition and modernity at times appears seamless but has also created challenges for Japanese culture.  Students will appreciate how an aging Japanese population and changing gender and generational ideologies have complicated Japan’s sense of tradition and identity.

The Itinerary

Experience diverse Japanese culture and geography with visits to modern cities and mountainous, historic towns.
Sample Japanese food at the Tsukiji fish market, tour gardens, learn about health care technology at the Miraikan science and technology museum, and visit Meisei University to learn about Japanese university
Travel to historic Japan, tour Old Town and sake breweries, visit the morning market along the Miyagawa river and experience the rural origins of Japanese society in the Hida Folk Village.
Visit key cultural sites such as the Sanjusangen-do temple, Nijo Castle and Kyoto International Manga Museum. Visit the Arashiyama district to learn about nature and literature among the Bamboo groves.
Take Japan’s famous bullet train to visit the Hiroshima Peace Park and Hiroshima Castle and learn about the cultural and genetic impact of the atomic bomb.

Trip Prerequisites/Requirements

Students must enroll in the 1-credit course during the spring 12-week of 2019. This course will provide information about Japanese customs, language, key historical events, an introduction to Japanese literature and a grounding in basic human genetics.

Program Details

  • Estimated cost:  $4,500 (includes round-trip airfare, transportation within country, accommodations, meals, and admission fees)
  • Application Deadline:  October 7, 2018; A $75 non-refundable fee is due upon receipt of application.  This fee is used to pay for processing costs, an International Student Identity Card, passport holder, and luggage tags.
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