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The Faculty

Douglas Brattebo, Associate Professor of Political Science and Director of the James A. Garfield Center for the Study of the American Presidency

Amber Chenoweth, Associate Professor of Psychology and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Professional and Graduate Studies

The Course(s)

PSYC/POLS 30100: Oz:  The Pre-Invasion (1 credit hour during Spring 12-week session, 2020)

INTD 30130:  Invading Oz (3 credit hours during Spring 3-week session, 2020) 

Cultural Immersion

Hiram College students in Australia.Throughout Australia’s history, its residents, as well as the land and surrounding ocean, have been subject to various “invasions.” Invasive animal and plant species are changing the landscape of the continent. Environmental and human threats are destroying to the Great Barrier Reef. Native lands are being taken from the Aboriginal people. Political policies and military strategies have recently responded to  China’s increased influence in the Oceanic region.

In many ways, Australia’s history parallels American history, but with notable differences in sociocultural and political responses. This course will provide students an opportunity to explore these similarities and differences while also giving them the “outsider perspective” on how the world views the decisions made by the United States.

The Itinerary

Explore selected locations from the populous eastern coast and remote center of Australia, over a three-week course.

Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne:  The political, financial, and cultural capitals of Australia will provide opportunities to explore many of Australia’s icons known throughout the world, such as the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the Great Ocean Road. Students will also tour the National Parliament, take part in Anzac Day services memorializing Australia’s involvement in WWI, and gain in-person appreciation for the country’s historical and cultural heritages.

Alice Springs:  Located in the Outback, students will explore the sociopolitical differences of this rural Aboriginal community as compared to the cities. The opportunity to visit locations such as Uluru, a sacred site of the Aboriginal individuals in Australia, will allow students to get a firsthand look at ways in which indigenous and nonindigenous populations co-exist.

Great Barrier Reef:  We will experience one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and discover its unsurpassed beauty while also witnessing human-caused threats to the reef, which bears the accumulating ravages of climate change, invasive species, and pollution.

Trip Prerequisites/Requirements

Students enroll in “Oz: The Pre-Invasion” (PSYC/POLS 30100), a 1-credit course during the spring 2020 12-week term. This course will serve as an introduction to the topics to be explored in the 3-week course, as well as an orientation to prepare students for travel.

Students are responsible for obtaining a passport, passport and vaccination fees, and personal expenses.

Program Details

  • Estimated Costs:  $7,450 above tuition, room and board.  Costs include round trip airfare, housing, meals, entrance fees and tips.  Personal expenses, passport fees, and independent travel are not included.
  • Application Deadline: October 7, 2019; A $75 non-refundable fee is due upon receipt of your application.  This fee is used to pay for processing costs, an International Student Identity Card, passport holder, and luggage tags.
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