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Hiram College cares about the safety and welfare of our students and faculty while they study abroad. Please review the various resources below to make sure you are prepared for your trip abroad!

Nicole Gatrell Headshot

Nicole Gatrell

Professional Academic Advisor and International Student Advisor


Nicole Gatrell is the main point of contact for all things related to study abroad at Hiram College.

Address and Fax Number:

Hiram College
Kennedy Center First Floor
PO Box 67
Hiram, OH  44234

Emergency Action Plan

In the case of emergency, Hiram College has put together a plan so that we ensure that students are safe while away on their trips.  The Emergency Action Plan is distributed to faculty prior to, and available, during their trips abroad.


Hiram College’s Study Abroad Office is committed to ensuring that students are prepared to have a safe and healthy experience abroad. The following resources are provided to students to assist students to begin preparing.