Disability Services

Image: Students talking in the library

The Study Away office is committed to facilitating access to every student interested in studying abroad. The Office works closely with Disability Services to help students identify appropriate programs and locations, and determine necessary accommodations.

If you are considering study abroad, please disclose your disability needs to faculty leaders early so appropriate arrangements can be made in advance. Contact the Study Away Office, the trip leader(s), and Kevin Feisthamel early in your search to discuss any accommodations you will require while abroad.

Planning Tips

  • Remember that other cultures may provide disability access in different ways. Learn about what types of accommodations are typically provided in your host country, and be flexible and open to unfamiliar ways of accommodating disability.
  • Before you go, find out as much as you can about your host culture and how they view disability by reading, talking to other students, and attending pre-departure orientation sessions. The more you know, the better prepared you will be for your interaction in the new environment.
  • Think about how you will answer questions about your disability in the language of your host country—look up key vocabulary words ahead of time.