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The study abroad application is designed to help you take the first step toward participation in a successful and educationally rewarding study abroad experience. Please read the guidelines and application materials carefully. Fill out the application completely and accurately online. If you have any questions, contact Matt Notarian at notarianmf@hiram.edu.

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Matthew Notarian, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Classics
Director of Study Abroad


Matthew Notarian is the main point of contact for all things related to study abroad at Hiram College.

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First-year students may participate only during the spring three-week session with the permission of their advisor and the Associate Dean of the College.


All applicants must have a minimum GPA, as designated in the chart below, for acceptance into a program. The Study Abroad Office reviews GPAs of all applicants at the end of each semester. Once an applicant is accepted to a program, this minimum GPA must be maintained.

Hiram College Hours Completed

Minimum GPA Required

0-120 2.50


Any Hiram College student (traditional or CAS) must be over 18 years of age to attend a study abroad trip.


Students who are U.S. citizens should apply for a passport well in advance of the departure date allowing a minimum of three months for passport and visa processing. Passport application forms and passport photos are available in the Study Abroad Office. Once you have your photos and have completed the application, you must make an appointment at a passport application location. For application locations go to http://iafdb.travel.state.gov/. Requirement instructions on what you need to take with you when applying is found on the back of the application. A student already in possession of a U.S. passport/green card must be certain that these documents do not expire within six months of the date of return to the U.S.

Students holding passports from countries other than the U.S. should notify the International Student Advisor at the time they are accepted into the program. This will allow enough time to obtain the required visas in advance of departure.


Two of your three recommendations must come from Hiram faculty members who have taught you. The third may come from another member of the Hiram Community such as an employer. Students may be accepted into a program only after all completed recommendation forms are received.


When you are officially accepted into the program and have registered for the course(s), your account will be charged the entire cost of the trip. The refund policy is listed on the “Apply” page. All 3-week students participating in a program must have their study abroad charges paid in full or have arranged a payment plan approved by the Business Office prior to departure for the trip. Study abroad charges cannot be included in the Hiram College Payment Plan and are due on the established payment due date for the semester. Late fees will be assessed monthly for any outstanding balance and/or payments received after the established due date. All 12-week students participating in a program must have their Hiram accounts paid in full 30 days prior to departure. Information related to loans for Study Abroad Programs can be obtained by contacting Student Financial Services at 330-569-5107.

A Study Abroad Scholarship is available to an accepted student going on a study abroad trip in the fall and one in the spring. The Study Abroad Office will notify all students by e-mail the deadline dates for applying to this scholarship.


Advertised program costs include departure and return at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport. If a participant wants to depart or return from a different location, they must purchase their own flight. Cost adjustments for purchasing your own flight will be made at the end of the program.


Students must submit all required forms, attend all orientation meetings, and complete all academic work related to the trip by the established deadlines. Failure to do so may result in removal from the trip. Students removed from a trip will incur any cancellation costs (Note: see refund policy listed on the Apply page.).


No person is permitted to accompany a student on a study abroad trip unless the person is a Hiram College faculty member or previously approved by the Study Abroad Board.


Prior to program departure, any student wishing to withdraw from a study abroad course(s) must contact The Study Away office in writing or email in addition to withdrawing from the course(s) in the Registrar’s Office.

Since the dynamic of a study abroad trip is different than that of an on-campus course, once the trip has begun a student may withdraw a course(s) only with the permission of the faculty leader and the Associate Dean of the College. If a student withdraws from a study abroad trip after the deadline stated in the acceptance letter, the student forfeits the unrecoverable expenses incurred as a result of the cancellation. Note: see refund policy listed on the Apply page.


Each student planning to participate in a study abroad program will be expected to:

  1. Maintain an appropriate GPA as identified on the Application for Study Abroad.
  2. Provide complete and accurate information on the study abroad application.
  3. Follow-up with faculty to ensure that recommendations are sent to The Study Away Office in a timely manner.
  4. Complete all coursework and submit all required forms (including health, waiver and release, and beneficiary, and a copy of the passport, and travel plan) by the designated deadlines. As a reminder, study away courses cannot be taken Pass/No Credit.
  5. Present documentation of health insurance in effect at the time of the trip.
  6. Obtain valid passport, visas and student ID prior to departure.
  7. Attend all orientation meetings and complete all course work as required prior to trip departure.
  8. Be respectful of faculty leaders, student colleagues, and peoples and cultures of the host countries while abroad.