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Our Mission and Purpose

The School of Health & Medical Humanities prepares students to serve the health and well-being needs of their diverse local and global communities with empathy, intercultural competence and professionalism.

  • Alumni Katrina with a bunny
    “Attending Hiram College helped me to become a well-rounded, conscientious, and inquisitive veterinarian. My science professors became some of my biggest supporters, and the knowledge that I gained from them extended well beyond the classroom. Their enthusiasm for learning about the world around them was infectious, and I would not be the veterinarian or clinician I am today without their influence.”
  • Sara an Alumni
    “The small class size and individualized attention at Hiram really helped me get ready for the next level. The liberal arts education constantly challenged me to be an  independent thinker, quick problem solver and to always be flexible and open-minded to different ideas... all qualities which helped me to always be and do my best in any endeavors I took on.”
  • Alumni Anthony
    "Hiram helped prepare me for a scientific career by giving me a solid foundation of knowledge about basic laboratory techniques and just how to conduct good science.  The time spent in lab through class and my APEX project doing real science, not just an "experiment" meant for students, was absolutely essential.  I learned how to work in a team of scientists, and independently which is something that has served me well at my current job.  To anyone questioning their preparedness now, or in the future, I can assure them they will be prepared after Hiram!”


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  • Center for Literature and Medicine

    The Center for Literature and Medicine is the home of a distinctive interdisciplinary program that serves undergraduates, health care professionals and the wider community.

Brad Goodner Headshot

Brad Goodner, Ph.D.

Director, School of Health & Medical Humanities
Professor of Biology
Edward J. Smerek Endowed Chair in Mathematics, the Sciences & Technology
Director, Center for Scientific Engagement