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School of Education, Civic Leadership, and Social Change

Our Mission and Purpose

The School of Education, Civic Leadership & Social Change guides students in exploring and engaging with interconnected political, educational, and socio-cultural systems in their environmental and historical contexts. We provide opportunities for students to develop as leaders and change-makers in their professions, as community members, and as global citizens.

If you are interested in our School...

...you might be interested in these clubs, opportunities, and organizations, too! For more information, visit our Clubs and Organizations page by clicking on one of the club pictures.

  • Garfield Institute

    In the spirit of James A. Garfield, the Garfield Institute helps both the political and apolitical explore public service in a process replete with opportunities on and off campus.

  • Student Senate

    Student Senate is the representative body that reaches out to students to address their concerns of Hiram College. However, we also are the institution that takes it upon ourselves to find out the facts and to help solve or provoke serious conversations about these issues.

  • Stone Soup Co-op

    The Stone Soup Co-op is an alternate meal plan for vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary needs. Meat-eaters are welcome as well, though no meat is allowed in the co-op. Members are responsible for the entire operation including cooking and cleaning up from meals and ordering the food. Select this box for more information.

  • James H. Barrow Biological Field Station

    Less than three miles from campus, the James H. Barrow Biological Field Station is an active research and educational facility that not only enhances the science and environmental studies programs, but also delivers enrichment and inspiration for students in all majors.

  • Northwoods Field Station

    Hiram has an incredible rustic camp, called Northwoods Field Station. It was built by a fantastic group of Hiram students and faculty in the 1970s, and is in the Hiawatha National Forest, just minutes from Lake Superior.


The academic program at Hiram College is organized into five schools. While each school has its own focus, the overall mission of the schools is to foster integrated and experiential learning for all students, through an interdisciplinary and collaborative framework that operates both within each school and among schools. Select a circle below to learn more about that School.

School of Arts, Humanities, and Culture Scarborough School of Business and Communication School of Education, Civic Leaderships, and Social Change School of Health and Medical Humanities School of Science and Technology

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Jennifer McCreight, Ph.D.

Director, School of Education, Civic Leadership & Social Change
Associate Professor of Education