Successful Online Student Profile

Image: Online education


Research indicates that students who are successful in online courses possess several characteristics.

These characteristics are:

  • Good Time Management: Can you create and maintain a study schedule throughout the semester without face-to-face interaction with a teacher? This is the most critical characteristic for online students to be successful!
  • Effective Communication (especially written communication!): Can you ask for help, contact other students and the instructor online, and describe any problems you have with learning materials using email, Moodle Messages, and/or the telephone? 
  • Independent Study Habits: Can you study and complete assignments without direct supervision and maintain the self-discipline to stick to a schedule?
  • Self-Motivation: Do you have a strong desire to learn skills, acquire knowledge, and fulfill assignments in online courses because of an educational goal? Can you maintain focus on that goal?
  • Academic Readiness: Do you have the basic reading, writing, math, and computer literacy skills to succeed in the class?
  • Accept the Learning Process Includes Critical Thinking and Decision-Making:  Accept critical thinking and decision-making as part of the learning process. The learning process requires the student to make decisions based on facts as well as experience. Assimilating information and executing the right decisions requires critical thought; case analysis does this very effectively.  Be able to think ideas through before responding. Meaningful and quality input into the virtual classroom is an essential part of the learning process. Time is given in the process to allow for the careful consideration of responses. The testing and challenging of ideas is encouraged; you will not always be right, just be prepared to accept a challenge.
  • Technologically Prepared: Are you prepared to use constantly evolving technology to learn?