Hiram College

The possibilities are endless

If you’re like many new students, there’s a good chance you’re not sure of your major — in fact, research shows that 70% of incoming freshman are undecided. And at Hiram, we think that’s a good thing!

Coming in with an undecided major isn’t as stressful as it might seem. This is your chance to explore, learn, grow, and open your mind to life possibilities that you may not have even considered.

The foundation of your Hiram education is built on prerequisites, including your First-Year Colloquium (an introduction to the liberal arts, college life, and learning). These prerequisites are designed to help you explore the academic terrain as you figure out your path.

You also have the opportunity to take chances — go ahead and take the class that seems a little crazy. You never know where it may lead!

Finally, you’re not in it alone. Your professors and advisor are ready to help you along the way. So relax, and let your major find you.