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How does the study of a foreign language enhance your chances of landing that dream job? Getting into the best graduate program? Gaining the edge in that interview? Check out the following sites for some great facts and further incentive to include a foreign language in your studies now.

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If you plan on working in the U.S. after you graduate, it pays to bear in mind that one of every five U.S. citizens is a Spanish speaker. In other words, there are few jobs that wouldn’t want a person who can speak Spanish. If you plan to work in business, management, journalism, health care, or the education system, a background in Spanish will increase your earnings and the number of clients who you can better assist. If you love language for its own sake, Hiram College can give you the solid foundation you need to pursue further education that will allow you to teach Spanish at the high school or college level.

There are other, traditional liberal arts advantages to studying Spanish as well. By getting a degree in a language and its literature, future employers will trust your critical thinking skills and your ability to read and write well.

Finally, a degree in Spanish can greatly enrich your travel abroad, even as an adult. Imagine reading the Quijote as you travel through La Mancha, Spain; or read Columbus’ diary as you travel through the Caribbean islands. Spanish will open up new vistas for you both here in the US and overseas.