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Spanish for the Professions Minor

Traditional Undergraduate

Making decisions in a global world

The Spanish for Professions minor emphasizes the circumstances in which students may be expected to use the Spanish language in the workplace. Doctors and nurses, business executives, educators and a variety of other professions are increasingly expected to communicate with diverse constituents, and the Spanish for the professions minor gives Hiram Colleges students a leg up on their competition when entering the workforce.

Guidance and opportunity

Hiram College believes that immersion is an important part of learning the language. The College invites international students from Spanish-speaking universities to serve as on campus teaching assistants, providing students with opportunities to practice speaking their language of study in real-life, informal situations.

All students also have the opportunity to study abroad. Hiram faculty lead trips to Spain regularly, which provide students with opportunities to fully immerse themselves in the language and culture, while living with host families. Students can also take shorter study-abroad trips to Spain and the Dominican Republic during the 3-week term.

Students can also join the student-run club, LUNA, which hosts discussions, speakers, activities, field trips and social events all related to the Latino culture.


Ella W. Kirk Headshot

Ella W. Kirk, Ph.D.

Professor of French
Chair, Modern Language Department

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