Hiram College

Meeting the needs of the industry

The world of sociology is quite expansive, therefore Hiram sociology majors undertake coursework spanning the topics of health and medicine, families, inequalities (class, race, gender), social problems and movements, ethnicity and religion.


Sociology majors are required to take:

  • Introduction to Sociology (SOAN 155)
  • Statistics (MATH 108)
  • two Senior Seminar Courses (Sociological Methods and Sociological Theory)
  • a national Major Field Assessment Test in sociology
  • elective courses

In addition to elective courses in other substantive areas, Hiram sociology majors have the chance to develop strength through elective courses in two broad areas within sociology: social inequality and diversity, and sociology of health, illness, and health care.

See the Hiram College Catalog for additional details about the major’s requirements.