Hiram College

3+2 Program

Hiram College offers a 3+2 Bachelor of Arts to Master of Science in Social Administration affiliation with Case Western Reserve University for future social work professionals.

After spending three years at Hiram College, students who meet academic and admission requirements advance into Case’s Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences’ two-year M.S.S.A. program. Most students who participate in this program choose to major in sociology at Hiram College, but students of any major who meet required semester credit hours can matriculate.

Program Requirements

In order to advance into the M.S.S.A. program at Case Western Reserve University, students must complete the following while at Hiram:

  • Apply for admission into the M.S.S.A. program before the second semester of junior year (includes interview)
  • Complete at least 24 semester credit hours in the social and behavioral sciences before the end of junior year
  • Maintain a cumulative grade point average 3.2

Upon completing the first year of the M.S.S.A. program (31 semester credit hours), a student will earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Hiram College.

Financial Aid

During the student’s two years at Case Western Reserve University, students are fully enrolled in that institution. Hiram College financial aid packages do not carry over, so students must apply for financial aid through Case.

Elena Fox Headshot

Elena Fox, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology and Crime, Law, and Justice


Students must work closely with Hiram College’s social work faculty liaison (Elena Fox, Ph.D.) in order to ensure all requirements are met. We recommend students interested in the 3+2 social work program meet with Case’s Mandel School Admission Office during their sophomore year. The Hiram College liaison can help set up that appointment.