Hiram College

Social Work Dual Degree

Traditional Undergraduate

Helping people function in their environment

Are you interested in sociology or psychology and want a program that sets you apart as a future social worker? Consider pursuing the social work bachelor’s to master’s degree program at Hiram College and Case Western Reserve University.

  • Achieve Your Master's Faster

    The social work program at Hiram isn’t a traditional major. Rather, it’s a 3+2-year program that partners with Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland to allow you to get your bachelor’s and master’s degrees in five years instead of six. The program prepares you not only for social work testing requirements, but also for a diverse range of careers.

How the 3+2 Social Work Program Works

Pursuing a minor in the 3+2 social work program is possible, but challenging. To complete all the requirements for your minor on top of your core, major and 3+2 requirements, you need to start pursuing the 3+2 program by the time you are in your second semester at Hiram.

You start by completing 90 credit hours at Hiram College in your chosen major, usually sociology or psychology. Within those 90 hours, you complete all your core requirements, major requirements, and social or behavioral science requirements for the 3+2 program. You must complete these 90 credit hours within three years, which means you’ll complete your capstone project in your junior year. Successful students are highly motivated and self-directed as they complete this accelerated program.

After spending three years at Hiram College, students who meet academic and admission requirements advance into Case’s Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences’ two-year MSW program. Most students who participate in this program choose to major in Sociology at Hiram College, but students of any major who meet required semester credit hours can matriculate.

During your third year at Hiram, you’ll go through a rigorous application process to the Master of Social Work program, at Case. The two-year program has a 100-year history of educating social workers and is ranked first in Ohio and ninth in the nation for social work, so it is highly selective.

After you complete all your academic and admission requirements, you’ll gain entry to Case’s MSW program. At the end of your first year at Case, you’ll graduate from Hiram with a Bachelor of Arts degree in your chosen major. After that, you’ll complete your fifth and final year of school at Case. Learn more on the Curriculum page.

A Career-Focused Degree

The MSW degree fulfills many of the requirements of social work licensure in all 50 states. To become licensed in any state, you must also complete the licensure exam and complete supervised hours (post-master’s). For an explanation of the various licensing requirements for social workers, visit the Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB).

Social work is a profession dedicated to helping people function in their environment. After graduation, you can pursue a diverse number of careers in a growing field. They include the areas of:

  • child welfare
  • substance abuse counseling
  • health care
  • public policy
  • industry and business
  • school social work
  • gerontology
  • mental health service


Students must work closely with Hiram College’s social work faculty liaison (James Rhodes, Ph.D.) in order to ensure all requirements are met. His information is listed at the bottom of this page. We recommend students interested in the 3+2 social work program meet with Case’s Mandel School Admission Office during their sophomore year. The Hiram College liaison can help set up that appointment.