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Social scientists look at the way individuals interact with each other and the environment. Their laboratory is the world itself, and during our bachelor’s degree in social sciences program, you’ll learn to see the world in new ways, uncovering insights only observable to the trained eye.

Bureaucracy, technology, urbanization and industrialization have radically transformed the way we live and what we believe. By focusing on the areas of communication, economics, history, management, political science, psychology and sociology, you will learn the new techniques and knowledge you need to investigate the workings and development of society as it is today.

Your social science degree coursework will explore the complexity of human behavior and the dynamics of societal change, enabling you to manage the bewildering prospects of living peacefully and comfortably in the modern world.

Our bachelor’s degree in social sciences provides you with a solid conceptual foundation that can help you excel in many areas.
Upon completion of the program, you can go on to graduate school or be ready for careers in:
• Public administration
• Social services
• Advertising
• News media
• Human resources
• Marketing and sales
• Management

Flexible study options

To help you fit school into your schedule, we offer this program in a convenient weekend class format that allows you to manage your other responsibilities and still have time for school.
To learn more about earning your social sciences bachelor’s degree from Hiram College in Northeast Ohio, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

Social Sciences pathway