Hiram College

Whether students are interested in the discovering the causes of health problems, how to influence and change behavior, or how to create better policies and programs, Hiram’s public health program offers the flexible curriculum to prepare different career paths. All students complete 4 common core courses. Then, based on their skills, interests, and intended career path, students specialize their major through health courses in other departments. Concentrations within the major include: public health biology, environmental health & sustainability, health communication, and health & fitness.

All students majoring in public health will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Describe the history, philosophy, core values, concepts, functions and population-based approaches of public health.
  • Discuss the underlying science of human health and disease, including opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the life course.
  • Demonstrate the basic concepts, methods and tools of public health data collection, use and analysis and why evidence-based approaches are an essential part of public health practice.
  • Explain the behavioral, environmental, biological and socio-economic determinants that impact human health and contribute to health disparities.
  • Apply data collection and analysis to develop evidence-based population approaches to public health problems.
  • Describe the fundamental characteristics and organizational structures of the U.S. health system as well as the systems in other countries.
  • Describe the legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory aspects of public health practice and health policy.
  • Demonstrate public health communication skills using oral, written, mass media and electronic technology formats.