Hiram College

Public Health major (13 courses: 43-46 credits)
Public Health minor (5 courses: 20 credits)

All students majoring in public health will be able to demonstrate the following competencies:

  • Describe the history, philosophy, core values, concepts, functions and population-based approaches of public health.
  • Discuss the underlying science of human health and disease, including opportunities for promoting and protecting health across the life course.
  • Demonstrate the basic concepts, methods and tools of public health data collection, use and analysis and why evidence-based approaches are an essential part of public health practice.
  • Explain the behavioral, environmental, biological and socio-economic determinants that impact human health and contribute to health disparities.
  • Apply data collection and analysis to develop evidence-based population approaches to public health problems.
  • Describe the fundamental characteristics and organizational structures of the U.S. health system as well as the systems in other countries.
  • Describe the legal, ethical, economic, and regulatory aspects of public health practice and health policy.
  • Demonstrate public health communication skills using oral, written, mass media and electronic technology formats.