Hiram College

A Hiram education ensures that students have been exposed to studies across many disciplines and graduate with the critical thinking skills needed to enter a variety of career fields or graduate study. The major in public health is designed to educate students in a way that opens up many pathways to future careers. Although additional education might be necessary for certain careers, the PUBH major ensures you are well prepared for whatever your next step may be.

Sample concentrations and paired career outcomes:

Public Health Biology and Toxicology: for students interested in a career in science. This allows you the opportunity to apply public health principles in researching issues in infectious diseases and the cellular, molecular, and genetic basis of health and disease. Careers could range from a registered sanitarian, environmental scientists, lab technician, research scientist, and toxicologist.

Environmental Health and Sustainability: for students interested in exploring the relationship between socio-environmental issues and human health. Using relevant knowledge from multiple disciplines you can pursue a career as an environmental scientist (field analysis, research assistants, or socio-environmental researchers).

Health Communication: for students to improve public health by harnessing the power of communication to create and perfect improved outreach and services that change behavior and prevent disease Careers would focus on health educator, patient navigator, marketing directors, or a leader in a non-profit organization.

Public Health Humanities: for students to apply their public health knowledge onto the contemporary issues surrounding a range of health care professional careers. Careers could include medicine, nursing, dentistry, bioethics, healthcare administration, or pharmacy.

Social Determinants of Health: for students who want to investigate the condition in the places where people live, learn, work, and play, and how they affect a wide range of health risks. Careers could include medicine, nursing, dentistry, bioethics, healthcare administration, or pharmacy.

Health and Fitness: for students who want to better prepare for a range of health care professional careers. They will have both the depth of medical knowledge about the human body, but will also be able to apply their public health knowledge to utilize a range of leadership and policy skills to meet the needs for population programming. Careers could include athletic training, occupational therapy, physician’s assistant, professional sport strength and conditioning, wellness and health promotion, or corporate fitness.

Beyond these templates, students can focus their public health major on many other potential topics:

  • Public health informatics and data analysis
  • Health and aging
  • Psychosocial health
  • Global health outreach in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Global health outreach in Latin America
  • Health systems and management
  • Public health nursing