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Public Health

Traditional Undergraduate

Working Toward a Healthier Community

Whether students are interested in the discovering the causes of health problems, how to influence and change behavior, or how to create better policies and programs, Hiram’s public health program offers the flexible curriculum to prepare different career paths. All students complete 4 common core courses. Then, based on their skills, interests, and intended career path, students specialize their major through health courses in other departments. Concentrations within the major include: public health biology, environmental health & sustainability, health communication, and health & fitness.

Who Are Hiram’s Public Health Students?

This is not a one-size-fits-all program. Hiram public health students are a diverse group with skills and interests that include writing, science, communication, management, problem-solving, research and advocacy.

Lauren Brewer

“I want to have the ability to increase a community’s wellness with effective communication and outreach.”

-Lauren Brewer ‘22

In fact, each public health major’s unique interests are what equip them for success in the wide-reaching field. The public health degree program brings together uniquely-talented people to address public health issues (e.g., heroin overdoses, community violence, Zika virus, climate change) through multiple perspectives. Additionally, the program serves students looking for learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom.

About the Public Health Program

Public health at Hiram is interdisciplinary, flexible, supportive, career-focused, and cutting edge. You won’t find heavy lectures and long readings in this program; we emphasize flexibility and practicality, while still being career-focused. Pair your core courses with a concentration in biology, environmental studies, communication, integrative exercise science, sociology or biomedical humanities; you can even minor in these concentrations, or select another minor that fits your goals.

A Career-Focused Public Health Degree

A major in public health at Hiram is not just competencies and requirements. During your time at Hiram, you will build a unique skillset grounded in a liberal arts education, including:

  • Empathy
  • Intellectual curiosity
  • Social responsibility

In the intimate classroom setting, you also have the opportunity to create and publish your own research at the undergraduate level in the health topic that interests you.

Recent Hiram public health degree graduates are not only prepared for grad school; they are prepared to start their careers. We see many of our new graduates pursue entry-level positions within federal, state, non-profit, research, and industry in health education, project management, and even communication.

And if you choose to go on to pursue an advanced degree, you will be prepared to study medicine, law, social work, health administration, and more.

For more details about the public health program requirements, visit the Program page. If you have any questions about the public health degree program, request more info today.

Brad Goodner Headshot

Brad Goodner, Ph.D.

Director, School of Health & Medical Humanities
Professor of Biology
Edward J. Smerek Endowed Chair in Mathematics, the Sciences & Technology
Director, Center for Scientific Engagement


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