Hiram College

Pre-Physician Assistant Concentration

Traditional Undergraduate

Become a Compassionate Caregiver

Students interested in becoming physician assistants take coursework in Hiram College’s first-of-its-kind biomedical humanities curriculum. But what does biomedical humanities mean? It’s how you learn the nuts and bolts of health care and how to be scientifically competent. It prepares you to be an ethically grounded, socially aware and compassionate caregiver. Learn to weave art, literature, narrative and film into the study of human diversity, so essential to the art and science of caregiving.

About the Pre-Physician Assistant Degree Program

If you are interested in becoming a physician assistant, you need to take a common set of prerequisites in the life and social sciences, including biology, chemistry, psychology and sociology. As long as you complete the common set of prerequisites required in the professional programs, you can major in:

We are often asked, “Can I get it all done?” In short, yes, easily. Many courses count for both the pre-physician assistant concentration and Hiram’s core curriculum. And we help mentor you to not only develop the right transcript but also the right resume. Through Hiram Connect, which requires all graduates to engage in shadowing and research, you’ll have multiple opportunities to try on medicine, letting you evaluate your skills and passions before plunging head-first into professional school.

This may sound like a lot, but your time won’t be completely dominated by your chosen path. You’re encouraged to pursue other passions, too. Minors let you weave your other interests into your pre-professional work. We’re here to help you become a well-rounded caregiver.

A Career-Focused Pre-Physician Assistant Program

Pre-physician assistant program graduates usually pursue their professional degree upon receiving their bachelor’s. Once in professional school, our former students say that while it may be a toss-up over who does the best on an anatomy or biochemistry exam, they run laps around their peers in their comfort working with patients in a clinical setting.

For more information on the program requirements, explore pre-physician assistant life after Hiram. And request information if you want to learn more.