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The field of law is important and exciting. And while Hiram College does not offer an actual pre-law degree, it does provide students with the guidance and coursework necessary to help them gain acceptance to law school after graduating from Hiram. Students can also choose to participate in the 3+3 BA/JD program through Hiram College's partnerships.

Guidance and Opportunity

Hiram wants to help you prepare for law school admission, so we have prepared resources to help you achieve your goal. Certain courses, such as American government or those in American Constitutional law, are normally selected by the preponderance of law school candidates not only at Hiram but elsewhere.

Hiram faculty are eager to advise students on identifying law schools that are a fit and assisting them in the application processes. The Career Center serves as clearinghouse for application forms, catalogs, handbooks, and other printed materials of use to law school candidates.

3+3 Program

Hiram College offers a 3+3 BA/JD program, which allows eligible students to enter one of three Law Schools in Ohio after completing three years at Hiram. Eligible students will then complete three years of study at their choice School of Law to complete their BA/JD.

Students can attend:

  1. The University of Akron School of Law,
  2. Case Western Reserve University School of Law,
  3. or Cleveland-Marshall College of Law with this program.


Students who wish to pursue the pre-law concentration frequently choose from the following majors:

Communication  –  Political Science 

English  –  Performing Arts  –  History


Often, students will also pursue a minor in one of the following:

Public Leadership  –  Ethics  –  International Studies

History  –  Economics  –  Performing Arts  –  English

Communication  –  Political Science  –  Philosophy




Vivien Sandlund Headshot

Vivien Sandlund, Ph.D.

Professor of History,
Pre-Law Advisor

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