Hiram College

Direct Admittance Requirements

Pre-Dentistry Concentration

Pre-Dental Direct Admittance Requirements

Hiram College students who wish to earn direct admittance into Case Western Reserve University's School of Dental Medicine must meet a set of admission requirements as a high school senior applying to Hiram College and as a Hiram College junior seeking matriculation into dental school.

High School Applicants

High School Credentials

  • Test scores: ACT – 29; SAT – 1300
  • GPA: 3.5 or higher (un-weighted)

Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course credit is preferred; however, the Office of Admission will consider the availability of such coursework at applicant’s high school.

Admission into Hiram College

Upon acceptance into Hiram College, students must notify their admission counselor of their interest in the B.A. to D.M.D. program.

Review by the School of Dental Medicine Office of Admission

The Hiram College Office of Admission reviews all inquiring applicants and selects those for further review by the admissions committee at the School of Dental Medicine. All applicant materials will be copied by the Hiram College Office of Admission and forwarded to the School of Dental Medicine Office of Admission.

Interview with the School of Dental Medicine

The School of Dental Medicine will invite desirable applicants for interviews during the months of March and April. Final decisions will be made around April 15.

CWRU Dental School Requirements

After three years of undergraduate study, the participant is guaranteed an admission offer into the School of Dental Medicine, provided the following requirements are satisfied:

  • A petition/application to enter the School of Dental Medicine must be submitted by Jan. 1 of the student’s junior year at Hiram College. Upon receipt of this application, an on-site interview must be conducted.
  • Successful completion of approximately 90 credit hours at undergraduate study, with a college GPA of 3.25 (overall and science-only), as calculated using AADSAS convention. All pre-dental prerequisites must be completed with grades of B or better.
  • Satisfactory Dental Admissions Test (DAT) scores for Academic Average and Perceptual Ability of 18 or higher, to be taken as early as April of the second (sophomore) undergraduate year.
  • A letter of evaluation from the undergraduate institution’s pre-health/pre-dental advisor or committee that reflects the quality of the mentoring and advising relationship during the student’s undergraduate years.
  • A minimum of 20 hours of sufficient shadowing or volunteering hours working in clinical and dental environments.
  • Students are encouraged (not required) to participate in small group, capstone, or case-oriented undergraduate coursework or experiential scholarly activities.