Hiram College

Pre-Dentistry Concentration

Traditional Undergraduate


Hiram's rich liberal arts curriculum ensures that pre-dental majors will be wholly prepared for dental school. In addition to having the science knowledge needed to epass rigorous entry examinations, Hiram College's future dentists will be compassionate caregivers, thanks to the ethical, humanistic and values-based issues they examine at the undergraduate level.

Partnership with Case Western Reserve University

Future dentists can earn direct admittance into dental school at Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine, after completing three years of undergraduate work at Hiram College.

The seven-year Hiram B.A. to CWRU D.M.D. Program is a new, accelerated option for high-achieving high school students. On top of Hiram College admission guidelines, applicants to the B.A. to D.M.D. program should carry the following credentials:

  • Test scores: ACT – 29; SAT – 1300
  • GPA: 3.5 or higher (un-weighted)
  • Preferred: Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course credit (the Office of Admission will consider the availability of such coursework at applicant’s high school)

Pre-dental students will major in either biomedical humanities or biology at Hiram College and must meet academic requirements in order to matriculate into CWRU’s School of Dental Medicine after the third year of undergraduate coursework. After the first year of successful study at CWRU, students will receive a B.A. from Hiram.

Case Western Reserve University: Excellence in Clinical Training
Established in 1892, the CWRU School of Dental Medicine has a long-established legacy of excellence in clinical training in addressing the health needs of individual patients and our community. As scientific and technological changes dramatically change the way health care is delivered and assessed, graduates from CWRU School of Dental Medicine are renowned for their life-long professional skills that keep them at the forefront of innovation and leadership in the dental profession.


Kenneth B. Chance Sr., D.D.S.
Dean of the School of Dental Medicine

We have created a curriculum to prepare you for a lifetime of professional advancement. We want to educate dentists who are inquisitive, and some who feel a responsibility to create new knowledge simply because that is what is best for society. It is all part of the culture of inquiry. It is only by educating students to become practitioners who are well equipped to evaluate manuscripts, evaluate their own work, and selectively answer important questions that we can truly qualify as a learned profession.



Brad Goodner Headshot

Brad Goodner, Ph.D.

Director, School of Health & Medical Humanities
Professor of Biology
Edward J. Smerek Endowed Chair in Mathematics, the Sciences & Technology
Director, Center for Scientific Engagement

Pre-Dentistry is a part of Hiram Health

Health is at the core of everything we do at Hiram College. It’s in our curriculum, in our residence halls and in our programming. It’s in everything we do. The liberal arts education you receive at Hiram will provide a strong foundation for your health care career aspirations.