Hiram College

Program Requirements

The major in Political Science requires a total of nine political science courses plus a Capstone experience. Classes must include: American Government POLS 109 and one course from each of the four departmental sub-fields: American Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations and Political Philosophy

American Politics course offerings are as follows:

  • POLS 10900 – American Government
  • POLS 20000 – Politics of Journalism
  • POLS 20900 – Political Parties and Interest Groups
  • POLS 21600 – The American Presidency
  • POLS 26200 – Politics of Sex
  • POLS 31400 – Public Policy-Making
  • POLS 31900 – The American Founding
  • POLS 34500 – The Court and Constitutional Government
  • POLS 37500 – Campaigns and Elections
  • POLS 41500 – Public Administration

Comparative Politics course offerings are as follows:

  • POLS 20500 – World Geography
  • POLS 20200 – Politics of Human Rights
  • POLS 22300 – Comparative Politics
  • POLS 23400 – Politics of Developing Areas
  • POLS 31600 – Comparative Elections
  • POLS 32000 – Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Political Violence
  • POLS 32500 – International Terrorism
  • POLS 37900 – Logic and Scope of Political Inquiry

International Relations Course offerings are as follows:

  • POLS 22800 – International Law
  • POLS 22900 – International Organization
  • POLS 23100 – International Relations
  • POLS 24100 – The Transatlantic Relationship
  • POLS 30600 – International Relations of South Asia
  • POLS 33000 – American Foreign Policy
  • POLS 33500 – Towards a Global State
  • POLS 33700 – The Art of War
  • POLS 35100 – Political Philosophy for a Dangerous World

Political Philosophy course offerings are as follows:

  • POLS 23600 – Anarchy
  • POLS 27400 – Modern Political Philosophy
  • POLS 37300 – Classical Political Philosophy
  • POLS 35100 – Political Philosophy for a Dangerous World
  • POLS 47900 – Selected Topics in Political Philosophy

Independent Capstone

Political Science majors must complete a departmental Capstone in consultation with their academic adviser. Students will complete a one- to four-hour, independent, Directed Study (48000) or Research Project (48100) or internship. The Capstone course must be taken after a student achieves senior status. A formal departmental, campus-wide, or public oral presentation of the project is part of this requirement. This requirement differs for departmental honors candidates, as is explained in the following paragraph.


Candidates for departmental honors must achieve an overall grade-point average of at least 2.80 and a departmental grade-point average of at least 3.60. The sum of these two must equal at least 6.80. During their senior year, honors candidates will register for Honors 48200. Completion of this course will involve a paper of substantial length and quality, to be closely supervised by an adviser. This paper will be reviewed and must be accepted by the entire department faculty. The completion of the project will satisfy the Capstone requirement.

Minor Requirements

A minor in political science requires five courses chosen from the offerings of the department. Political science students regularly take part in various governmental internship and extramural programs, including the Washington Semester. Courses in political science engage students in thinking critically about fundamental causes and standards of political behavior. Students find this kind of education helpful in various careers, including government work, law, teaching and political research.

Major Declaration Writing Prompt

Students declaring the political science major are required to write a ‘major declaration personal statement‘ as a part of the Hiram Connect initiative.