Hiram College

Political Science Major

Traditional Undergraduate

Politics: Beyond the Party Lines

Do you want to go beyond the standard political ideologies to explore a trans-partisan perspective on politics? Learn how to leave your political leanings behind so you can thoughtfully consider and explore the documents and textual materials that make up much of our human history.

Who Are Hiram’s Political Science Students?

Hiram’s political science majors are responsible, open-minded, confident and intellectually demanding, and they understand the philosophical dimension of political discourse. As one of them, you can expect to challenge and be challenged. Political Science students engage in a range of student organizations. They may take a particular interest in political/activism oriented organizations, such as Middle Ground, Political Science Club, Feminism in Action, and Environmental Action Crew. You can easily pair the Political Science major with a minor in Philosophy, History, Communication, Performing Arts, Crime, Law & Justice, Environmental Studies, or another program that matches your interests.

Lauren Brewer

“I look forward to incredibly meaningful discussions about the state of our country and what that really means for us as citizens.”

-Mackenzie Flaherty ‘24

About the Political Science Program

The political science major is rigorous, philosophical, and practical. According to Professor John Koritansky, the major is highly intellectual:

“…more rooted in books, articles, public documents, and state papers that present arguments than is true of most programs at other schools.”

As a student, you will develop the habits, skills, and appropriate disposition to think about politics in connection with careful reading of closely reasoned textual material. 

A Career-Focused Political Science Degree

You will develop a trans-partisan perspective on politics, meaning you are ready to solve social and political challenges pragmatically, transcending party lines. Students frequently complete internships offered by the Washington Center Semester Program and the Bliss Institute of University of Akron to enhance their opportunities after they graduate. Political Science students may also study overseas through the Study Abroad Office, which hosts programs on six different continents. Hiram’s political science degree graduates do well in graduate programs in political science and related fields, law school, and professional situations where people skills are at a premium.

Major Declaration Writing Prompt

Students declaring the political science major are required to write a ‘major declaration personal statement‘ as a part of the Hiram Connect initiative.


  • Koritansky Hall

    Hiram College's Political Science Program is housed in historic Koritansky Hall, a classic church that was moved from Mecca, Ohio to serve as one of our campus's academic buildings.

  • Pre-Law Studies

    We can provide students with the guidance and coursework necessary to help them gain acceptance to law school after graduation. Students can also choose to participate in the 3+3 BA/JD program through our partnerships.

  • The Garfield Institute

    In the spirit of James A. Garfield, the Garfield Institute helps both the political and apolitical explore public service in a process replete with opportunities on and off campus.

Douglas M. Brattebo Headshot

Douglas M. Brattebo, Ph.D., J.D.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Director, James A. Garfield Center for the Study of the American Presidency

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