Hiram College

Research Opportunities in Physics

Prof. Mark Taylor has an active research program in the area of theoretical soft condensed matter physics. Taylor and his students investigate structural and thermodynamic properties of complex liquids, polymers, and biological macromolecules using analytic theory, numerical analysis, and advanced computer simulation algorithms. Taylor's recent work has focused on polymer phase transitions as relevant to biological systems and environmentally responsive smart materials. This research is funded by the National Science Foundation, Division of Materials Research [grants NSF-DMR 0804370 (2008-2012), 1204747 (2012-2016), and 1607143 (2016-2020)].

Taylor routinely engages Hiram students in this research work. Each summer Taylor employs Hiram students as research assistants, where they have the opportunity to participate in and make contributions to some cutting edge research projects. A number of Taylor's students are coauthors on publications in leading scientific journals.